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There will be several exhibitions.
The exhibitions are at the Blackbox bij Art & Event Park Taets,
Hemkade 14-16, 1506 PR Amsterdam - Zaanstad, at the Hembrug area, and in Zaandam.
Different kind of lace-organisations have agreed to cooperate.

The exhibitions at the Blackbox at Art & Event Park Taets on the Hembrug area.


Contest: "Water - Land"


30 year "De Kantvlinder"
kantvlinder1 kantvlinder1 kantvlinder3

40 year LOKK ( Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst )
Lacemaking demonstrations



At the beginning of August 2010, Agnes Persoon and Maria Toet were organising an exhibition in the Museum of Sliedrecht. After provisioning, ideas came on the table, but also questions. How can you, for example, make sure that in addition to classic sides, more modern side works are exhibited in the museums. The idea was to work together with a group. There was one problem: it was not possible to join existing groups. Existing groups did not want to get bigger or there were other arguments for not being able to connect. So a group had to be formed. On February 28th 2015 the group " Qua-Draad " was founded by 9 ladies. The group collaborates on the basis of a theme. Stimulating each other and helping where necessary, each one works on its own object.

The exhibitions at Zaandam

Laceroute along shops in the Centre of Zaandam

Shop Adress
Takko Fashion Hermitage 8
Bleep Hermitage 10
Westore Gedempte Gracht 91-93
VERO MODA Gedempte Gracht 87
Nelson Schoenen Gedempte Gracht 85
Beststyles / Object Gedempte Gracht 75
Ulla Popken Gedempte Gracht 27
V. Vuuren Gedempte Gracht 23
Intercity Westzijde 15
ANS Mode Westzijde 25
Llofs Westzijde 84
De Vertoeving / De Vermaning Westzijde 82 Possibility to drink coffee
Fashion Cafe Westzijde 34
DIDI Gedempte Gracht 8
Pfannini Gedempte Gracht 10
Promiss Gedempte Gracht 12
STEPS Gedempte Gracht 46
t Zaanse Huisje Gedempte Gracht 48A
PRIMERA De JAGER Gedempte Gracht 76
Bluf´t Gedempte Gracht 84
Zaanse VVV / Zaanstore Stadhuisplein 96
Bolkes Lifestyle Stadhuisplein 98

Laceroute along shops in the Centre of ZaandamClick here for the printable version ( incl. plan ).